Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whatever Will I Do?

I'm not even going to bother apologizing/explaining another long absence. I'm just going to hop right back into it and see how that goes.

I have this dilemma looming ahead of me. Looming very closely actually. Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment. I have been bulimic off and on for the past two years maybe. I've gone months without purging and months of purging every day, so I'm not really sure how bad it is. I have a feeling that it's pretty easy for a dentist to see though. I could call and cancel my appointment, but unfortunately my mother has one scheduled for the later that afternoon with the same dentist, so she's bound to find out if I cancel and then I'll have to explain that, which I'm very bad at.

I guess the big question is whether or not the dentist has the right to tell my mother. I'm not a minor, so it seems like it should be private, patient privileged or whatever. Has anyone had to go through this already? As long as the dentist can't rat me out to anyone, I don't care so much if he knows. I mean, it's still a bit shameful and awful, but I'd rather get my teeth taken care of because I'm sure they need it.

Right now I plan to go, but I'm going to try to find out more about what the dentist would be able to do about it. If anyone knows, I'd love to get the low-down.

I love you girls, truly. I absolutely will post tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. <3>


  1. The dentist shouldn't be able to tell your mother, that wouldn't be right. But what do I know? Just my opinion =3

  2. I'm fairly certain the dentist cannot tell your mother. At least not legally or ethically. I'd be extra safe though and specifically ask him not to.


  3. I don't think the dentist would tell...

    If he mentions your teeth, say that you've been really sick for a while and it must have taken a toll. plus say you drink lots of sodas.

  4. No the dentist can't tell your mom, i think technically because of the HIPPA act he's lawfully obligated to keep all medical information confidential, even if it is just your teeth. :)
    And Welcome back!!!!

    Scarlet <3

  5. urgh i'm so worried of what the dentist will say i havent been in years and i regret this immensely. my teeth are literally chipping off and going ownky and all sorts. its better to go and suck it up than to hope they wont get worse (because they will)

    he shouldnt be allowed to/have any reason to tell your mother, and you could always say "i've had problems with bulimia in the past" so he doesnt feel the need to lecture you on it.

    good luck.xx

  6. Ah good, you're here. That's all that matters.

    Go to the dentist. You'll feel glad you did. Maybe not right away. The dentist isn't really a feel good kind of thing :)

    Missed you terribly. Glad to see your face/writing!

  7. You have confidentiality, no worries, your mom will only know what you tell her.

    Good luck!!

  8. Nope, he can not tell. It's doctor paitent condefiationality (major sp lol) Also if he asks about it say you have a weak stomach and throw up alot. He'll proabably guess that u were bulimic but he will not say anything. Good luck stay strong. xx

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