Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Dental Post

I went and I'm glad that I did. My dentist was exceptionally nice about the whole thing. I just went ahead and told her I was bulimic from the get go. Well, first I asked about the confidentiality thing, and you gals were right. She's legally obligated not to tell. I told her that I had it under control now. I hope that's true, but it's most likely a lie.

Anyway, the good news is that my teeth are pretty much awesome. I don't even really have any enamel problems. I have a couple of tiny cavities, which does kind of suck since I've never had any before, but still most people get cavities just from normal eating. I had to hurl hundreds of times to get any. Gross. Oh well.

So, if any of you have been avoiding the dentist for the same reason I was, don't do it! You should definitely go and get your teeth taken care of. They can't lock you up or tell anyone or really do anything, just recommend a counselor or something and make sure your teeth stay as healthy as possible. No point in being thin and beautiful if your teeth are ew! This message brought to you by Eva, your friendly neighborhood bulimic, taking care of skinny bitches.

I'm so TiRed. Been stay up late every single night since I moved back home and I need some catch up sleep. I also need to do a post holiday fast. I'm going to try to fast until Christmas, even though my birthday is coming up this week. I'm just going to tell my mom I don't want any cake because of all the Thanksgiving splurges.

<3 <3 <3 Tomorrow will be a good for starving. I can feel it.


  1. Glad it went well. i knew it would!

  2. That's awesome that it went well!! I hope you do well on your fast!!

  3. I wish my dentist wasn't a family friend :(
    I mean, I know there's the confidentiality rule, but he's also male, so he probably wouldn't understand.
    It takes courage to tell anyone, though. Good for you :)
    I have a dentist appointment on the 14th. Maybe I'll tell my dentist assistant. Doubt I'll have the balls.
    Good luck with the fast. I think I'll be fasting a little closer to Christmas. I'll join you then.

  4. Glad to hear it went okay :)
    Good luck fasting!

  5. I had the same feelings before I went to the dentist but they didnt say anything about it so I chalk it up to paranoia. But yes I did have my very first cavity of all time a few months ago so I guess it has done some damage. :(

  6. Have you seen Dandelion Girl's (glitter in the wind) idea for December? You should check it out. Lovely idea, I think.

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  8. Good Job, no dentist appointment yet but ill be brushing my teeth 5 times a day now!;)
    An early Happy Birthday..
    take care

  9. hey congrats on braving the dentist. i usually go about 2 years in between b/c I'm so worried, by this time I have reason to worry. preventative care / schmentative.


  10. Hey...I just started a blog and I would be so thrilled if you took a look at it. I love your writing. Stay strong girl <3

  11. I love your blogs, (:
    Question, I've never purged before, is it really bad the first time? I want to do it, but I'm kind of worried.

    You sound like you're going well, keep it up~
    We'll be beautiful soon (:

  12. I feel like I really connect with you and your writing. I think you might find my blog interesting too based on your last post. Let me know what you think. xoxo -Kate

  13. I'm actually kinda feaked out that my dentist is a family friend. He's so close i think he'd tell my family in an instant.
    I'm glad it went well for you though.

  14. Yeah, my dentist is this old guy with a raspy voice (like he had cancer in his esophagus from smoking) and I can barely tell him when I have a tooth ache :) I think after reading this blog though I'll find a younger, female doctor and utilize this confidentiality thing. That's a good tip, thanks!

  15. a dentist, orthodontist and restorative orthodontist are all none the wiser to my bulimic ways even though i myself see some suspected erosian

    respect for telling her though i wouldnt have the guts


  16. I know you've not written in a while but I've just read through your whole blog and I think you're fabulous. Those water fasts really have me in awe, I tend to get unbarably dizzy after about 3 days ¬_¬
    That's great about the dentist too, I did the same about 6 months ago... finally just told my dentist and got my teeth checked, unfortunately mine were in a really bad way but I'm so glad I did it.
    Hope you come back at some point,
    Much love and skinniness <3