Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still Struggling

Yesterday I fasted. It felt good. Easy. But today didn't go so well. I let myself justify food. Even if I should be eating, I don't like breaking plans I make. So I'm going to extend my fast through Friday and just start eating on Saturday. It's only three days, so I don't think it should upset my stomach.

I have to keep posting. I think not posting is really killing my motivation. I'm so close to meeting my goal for my trip home. I can't let myself ruin it now.

So this morning I let myself have a couple spoonfulls of soup broth. Once I allow myself a little bit of slack, I always end up taking too much. But I am going to fix this. I had a half of a sandwhich when I got back to class. Ugh. It's not horrible, but I'm still going to have to make up for it.

My plan for the rest of the month is to fast next week from Monday to Friday and eat as little as possible on the weekends. Now that I live with a roommate, it's pretty much impossible for me to fast over the weekends, plus this way I can still go out with my boyfriend.

I have a big project due tomorrow, so gotta go work. I promise to catch up on everyone's blogs as soon as I can!



  1. Eva! I could really use your help! What are your strategies for long-term fasting? I always find it so difficult to go beyond 3/4 days.


  2. It's really hard, in my opinion, to be in one total extreme, because then as soon as you tip the other way a tiny little bit, you fly to the other end, right? Well, that's how it kinda feels for me too. I've just finished reading your last few posts (I've been away from the blog a few days too) and I totally get what you're saying about the fast and wanting to wean away from it but not swept away either.

    I'm in a place that is not here nor there. I don't know how I got here. Its this weird thing. I'm just not hungry. Maybe it's a gift? Maybe its a curse. I don't know. I do end up binging sometimes so I guess I do slip and feel wreched similar to how you were feeling... but not too often. And it seems to work, the "not thinking about food" thing.

    I'm really impressed at your determination and motivation and discipline to get this far. How much weight have you lost?

  3. PS- I finally got the nerve to post about my weight issues on my Violet blog..