Sunday, August 9, 2009

It'll Just Go Straight to Your Hips, Honey.

I weighed myself today. I haven't weighed in like two months. I've been so out of control and so terrified to see the damage I'd done. I was totally expecting to have gained twenty pounds. And I didn't feel like I was exaggerating. I think I look that fat. But it was only five. Five is still a tragedy, but one that I can overcome. I can totally handle five.

My out of control fatty fatterson train of thought went straight from "Thank God it's only five!" to "now it's okay if I lose just one day of fasting." What the hell! I even walked myself into the kitchen to eat something. Thankfully I discovered where my head had gone and walked right back out. I still have just enough time to be a tiny bit thinner when I see my boyfriend. It's already six o'clock. I can make it through the day.

I made my bed, I've worked my list. Been somewhat productive while still shutting myself in the house. I'm house sitting all week so I don't have to see anyone at all or go anywhere. I can avoid every temptation except myself. This is literally my last chance to make anything out of my summer. I absolutely have to fast the rest of my time here. Only three weeks. That's nothhing.

God I can't wait to get out of the South.

I'm so thrilled about all the comments I got on my last post. Seriously gals, y'all totally rock my world. And I've really had a huge surge of new followers, this also really floats my boat.

Savory, we totally need to get planning for our Ana Loft/Commune. I love cabinets for closets! All the money we save on food can go to skinny jeans and shoes. Life will be so wonderful.

Off to go blog reading. I have a bunch to catch up on. Can't wait to see how everyone is doing!


  1. Five is so much less than twenty, I know what a relief that must be....

    You being in the South, and people down there loving to eat all the time (I know, my relatives are all down there, going to visit soon unfortunately) must suck. :( I love the scenery but hate all the high-fat food.

    Hope things go well with the rest of your visit, and you get control of your mind!! :)

  2. Bravo! You are so strong to turn right around and point your head in the right direction!

  3. Ohhhh girl, five is totally doable! Good thing you got your head back on straight (or as straight as its gonna be lol) and you are heading back in the direction you wanna go! =) Good deal! Oh I'm sure southern food is DELICIOUS yet extremely fattening =( You got this. Time to hop back on the bandwagon girlie!

  4. u will have lost 5 in no time!! and once u have started it will get heaps easier. its hard hey? getting started again, but we are here if u struggling!

  5. Five should be easy-peasy. Regarding the kitchen and knowing your propensity/desire for fasting, I was going to suggest chucking everything that wasn't on your "safe" list. Can you get away with that? Will the people you are sitting for freak if they come home to nothing in their fridge and cupboards?

  6. Great job on realizing where your feet were taking you! Sometimes that is the hardest part for me... because going to get food is just so automatic... I don' think about it, till it's in my mouth. :\

    Stay strong. Those five pounds will drop in no time!


  7. I have the same plan on fasting for the rest of the summer! Well I'm going to switch between liquid fasting and regular fasting, but I really just want to push myself SO HARD so that I can reach my first GW by the end of the summer. So no more food! Ohhhh good luck to you. : )

    I live in the South as well! Well, if you live in the US haha. I live in GA but I actually love GA, and I don't know if I'll move because GA just so happens to have three of my favorite cities. But I do want to try and move to DC but that's still technically in the South. Anyway, a lot of people hate the south but I really like it for some reason haha.

    Thank you so much, you inspired me not to give up on fasting. : )

  8. I was so excited to see that you commented on my post, you're like a rock star to me. lol, Let me know about that commune and I'll pack my bag.

  9. Ah, five pounds is fine, you can lose that in like two weeks without trying! x

  10. Hello my name is Jessica Jones, and I am doing a documentary on eating disorders with a group of my fellow peers, the good and the bad. Personally, I see great control with how you live, and I would love to ask you a few questions. I have read your blog and the information you put up about yourself. My documentary will run on television, and will be looking at the pros and cons of the Pro-Ana way of life. If you are at all interested in being interviewed via e-mail or ichat please e-mail me back or give me a call. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
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  11. You are pretty inspiring, with your persistancy, keep going <3

    I'm just staring up a new blog, care to follow?