Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweetie, Don't You Think That's Plenty?

It's like three in the morning and I am ExAusTed, but I keep swearing to myself that I'll blog and then the day slips away from me without a singled word blogged. Also, I've had a revalation about the inner working of my so very fabulous eating disorder. I think, however, that I'm too tired for all that tonight. I'm such a tease! What else can you expect from a gal who strokes the phone bone?

Most importantly, I must brag that I've lost ten pounds. Now I know that most of that is water weight and the scale is lying to me and I haven't lost ten pounds of fat and fat is what really matters and and and I don't care! Just so relieved to see the numbers. But really. Really! What else can you expect from a gal who starves herself?

This is all I have in my tonight. CA, I am absolutely in love with you for elevating me to rockstar status! I am so flattered. Too much. <3!>


  1. you lost ten pounds?! D:
    jealousssss for real.
    keep it up, how much more you have to lose?

  2. Down ten? Dude how!? Water weight is still weight. Congrats!!

  3. oh wow, 10 ponds is freaking awesome, im happy and jealous of u!

  4. Anytime, girl :)


    That has made my eloquent.

    And i know only too well the situation where you find/think up loads of fascinating insights and then you never get round to blogging them because it will take too long... All you need to do is get back on the horse with a short update and it will all coming rushing back.

    Well done on the 10 pounds, you're the queen of fasting as far as i'm concerned.

    Are you still at home and hating it or have you managed to escape the evil clutches of the parental fridge? x

  6. Just got internet back! After 2 months! Thank you for your comment on my verrrrry old post! Just had time to catch up on all your old posts, hope you've worked through all the family gatherings and stayed strong (unlike me!). And 10 pounds... holyyy shiiiit you deserve a medal! Thats incredible, ever an inspiration to us all.

  7. 10 pounds!!! That's BRILLIANT!!!

    Great job!


  8. Congrats on the 10 pounds! Weight loss is still weight loss!!

    And I can totally relate to about the whole posting, but not posting bit. :\

    Keep up the great work girlie! x