Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Seven Bust

Unfortunately I don't have much time tonight. Selfish blogging only. I promise I will do some serious blog reading and commenting tomorrow morning.

I just have to do a quick post while my mom is busy. Today was a major hitch in the fasting plan. I was over at my grandmothers all afternoon with plans to leave before dinner, but she just made it impossible to make any excuses. Luckily, I have everyone thinking I'm on some healthy fruit/veggie diet.

Dinner was: guacamole, carrots, and black eyed peas (this is my attempt to hide the text to avoid triggering anyone, though no idea if I'm doing it right). I was able to stuff almost all of the carrots in my pocket and avoid eating them, no such luck with the rest of the stuff, but it wasn't that much. Of course I couldn't just leave it at that. I ended up binging on some pasta salad, pie crusts, and strawberries.

In total, it was really a very small amount of food even the binging part was not much of a binge at all, but it was much more than I should have ever had on a fast. I was able to purge it out, but normally when I purge there is a lot more in there. This time it was mostly water, so not sure how many of those disgusting calories actually came up.

The good thing is that I am not wigging out over it. I tend to just keep binging when I'm freaking out. Control means that I can start over starving again tomorrow. I hope so at least.

Good luck everyone. I hope y'all can be stronger than I was today. Ugh. But tomorrow is always a new chance. <3


  1. Heya.
    I'm sorry about your binge. It will speed up your metabolism though. =]
    Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. yay for not freaking out! Good luck starting over, not that you need it, as I think you have the motivation and the mind-set to do it :)

    All my support!!