Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Down 45 to Go

Going to be counting down instead of up this time. Seems more satisfying somehow.

My new jeans, my previously very tight jeans, are starting to loosen. I love the way it feels for the fabric to be hanging off my legs.

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments! Jamie, I would love for you to fast with me. Email me if you'd like: I've done a ton of research on fasting and have made it through a few long ones, so I'd love to offer anyone advice or support or whatever you need. Cat, good luck with your plan too! I will have to go check out what you're doing. Effing gorgeous is right!

Short post today. Stay strong gals! <3


  1. yeah! i'm relatively new at fasting, only been restricting. maybe you could make a huge post about fasting!? or just elaborate on the post you made on my blog? thanks eva :)

    or email me -

  2. I'm right here with you Eva <3

  3. good to hear about your jeans!
    I'm awful at fasting!
    I hope you do really well,
    good luck :) x

  4. Ooh, I love that feeling, when clothes start getting loose. :) Good luck on your fast!


  5. lovin the new blog look and the new PLANS. eek how i love new plans. far too exciting for me to handle. Very ambitious, all the very best with it!

  6. Your blog is so inspirational. If you need a fasting partner I would love to fast with you. I have done a couple longer ones.

    Check out my blog.