Tuesday, July 14, 2009

List One

Sorry for being away so long. I had family in town and got all sorts of busy. And honestly I haven't been in a blogging/writing/sharing mood lately. I'm still not. But I'm unwilling to abandon my blogging ways. Instead of a boring post about my boring life, have a list.

Why I hate Food

1. Food makes me Fat.
2. Eating Food makes my stomach feel full and sick and disgusting.
3. Eating Food immediately makes my face puffed up and Fat.
4. Eating Food makes me lose Control.
5. Food makes me Fat.
6. I hate using the restroom if the setting isn't completely private. Not eating Food means I never have to.
7. I adore the weak, faint feeling that starvation gives me. Eating Food takes this away.
8. Food makes me Fat.
9. There is no Food that can taste good enough to be worth eating, worth taking me farther from my goals.
10. The smell of Food often makes me nauseous.
11. I hate thinking about what I look to other people when I'm eating. Putting Food in your mouth just can't be pretty.
12. I hate how other people look when they're eating Food. Gross.
13. Food makes me fat.
14. Eating Food always makes me feel self-loathing, guilty, and weighed down with the regret.
15. Most of all, Food makes me fat.