Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Addition to my Emptiness

I am going home. An emergency trip for a family emergency. I won't allow myself to use this as an excuse to eat. I will channel my grief into my fast. I can't ruin three days of struggle no matter what happens.

I'll be gone a few days. Stay strong.


  1. =( I'm sorry honey. I'm hoping for the best.

  2. And you stay strong as well.

    You'll be fine <3

  3. Heyy

    Can we be ana buddies? I admire you so much :)

    Email me at

  4. Plus I hope that the family emergency isnt too bad :(


  5. Hey girly hope every thing's okay. You be strong. Thinking about you :)

    Check out my blog sometime :)

  6. I'm thinking about you and your loved ones. Be safe!

  7. Aww, and I just got here. Well that doesn't matter, I hope that things with your family go as well as they can under the circumstances.

    P.S. Your blog is beautiful! I love the colors and sensual lines of the flower petal edges. Very sexy. Glad to be here subscribing to your blog. And thanks for subscribing to mine. :)

  8. I get headache from these colours. Can't read the text!!

  9. Nice blog u have (:

    I hope u'll get better. ♥