Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Fast to Break

The fourth day. No food. I feel empty, not from lack of food. I feel empty from lack of life, if that even makes sense. And I don't feel hungry for food or life.

I will have to eat this week. My mother is already suspicious of my eating habits since every time she's come to my apartment the fridge has been completely devoid of food. I can't be there with all my family and not eat.

I hate that I'll have to start over. I've made it four days just to give it all up and have to give up food all over again next week. At least now I have you all here to help me get back to starvation. I can do it.

I may not blog while I'm home. I will just try to enjoy my family and not hate myself for eating.

Honor your mothers tomorrow. They tend to do the best they can even though it can be so wrong.


  1. Don't look at how you're letting go of the fast. Think about how effing long you lasted! You're an inspiration, I swear; I can barely do a 24 hour fast, let alone a whole four days.
    Do enjoy your family, that's what they're there for. Stay strong, we all love you!

  2. Good luck with your family. It can be hard to be around family, but it will be harder when they are gone forever. Appreciate it while you still can :)

    "Our parents made so many mistakes, may we forgive them and forgive ourselves"