Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Power of The Scale

I just weighed myself for the first time in a very very long time. The Scale of Justice spit out a number lower than the high weight I had been imagining in my head. However, imagining a higher number doesn't work all that well since I knew it was too high. The number I got isn't all that disappointing, I just wonder if I can be back down to my low weight by Thanksgiving. That is what I'd like. I think I can at least get close, maybe get back into my pretty clothes.

I ordered the Scale online. In person, it's a different color, still nice. It's more modern, sleeker looking. Seems to work well. I am pleased with my purchase. At this point, I can see the weight coming off, but felt I needed the Scale to prove to myself that fasting is worth it.

Unfortunately the number I got makes me wonder how much I let myself gain. Though I try not to think of it, look forward, stay positive, I can't help but dwell. I imagine what size I might be right now if I weren't just having to lose the same weight for a second time. Quite a bummer.

I am still water fasting. I haven't been posting too much about it. Writing about not eating every day is a bit repetitive. I've lost count of the days now. I sort of like not counting. Like there is no end and no beginning to my starvation. I will be fasting until Thanksgiving at least. I really just want to fast until I hit my goal weight. I don't know if I can. Holidays are a bitch.

I'm going to go watch The Biggest Loser for a shot of inspiration. I just love watching those people get control over themselves and change their lives so drastically. Very inspiring.

All your support lifts me up, girls. Thank you.


  1. Good luck with the water fasting, hope you can achieve your goal hun!
    Hate Thanksgiving, wish I could sleep in that day.

  2. yes yes stay positive! and we love to read about you not eating every day... as messed up as that may sound haha. you know we mean the best :3 you have so much determination, i know you'll reach your goal weight soon enough!

  3. Good luck over the holidays, just stay focused and you'll do fine!
    The water fasting is impressive, so much control!
    Stay strong <3

  4. The Biggest Loser is definitely inspiring! I cannot believe people who weigh that much and have so little energy can actually work out all day long and change their meal plans so drastically.

    I'm relosing weight I've already lost :'( FML.

    What type of scale did you get?

  5. It's okay since you're water fasting! you are going to loose so much dear :)

  6. You're doing well babe. Good luck getting motivation!

  7. Hello again, sorry I've been away.

    Good job, I miss you, and I hope you find some sort of peace with this next attempt, dear. <3

    All my love.

  8. So I obviously am still learning this whole blog buisness because I just saw you posted a comment on my blog. I love you! You are such a sweetie, thanks for the advice and support : ) really hope you post again soon. Your blog was the first I ever read, and I really like your style and such. Stay beautiful <3

  9. i love those shows! some of them, when they show u how the people used to eat, actually scare me out of eating for the rest of the day. the images usually just haunt me....

    btw i think ur doing amazing and after that water fast i hope that ur next scale trip u have a smile after :)

    -happiness <3

  10. Hi I just found your blog today and I'm really glad that I did. You're doing so well and it really inspires me. I live with family so it's hard to fast, I could probably go a few days but even after one day people start asking questions :( I wish I could water fast like you - I wish I had the freedom to try. I am restricting to 400MAX right now... it's just so much >.<
    I hope the rest of your fast goes okay and that when you weigh yourself you'll be pleasantly surprised :)
    Much love and luck x

  11. I wish you the best!
    Im starting a new fast as well
    Wish me luck:)

  12. you do know by only drinking water your body will retain it and make you gain water weight
    and if you stop eating your body will just hoard all the food you start to eat, causing you to gain more weight. and although you think your losing weight your actually only losing water weight

    try this.
    eat healthy foods, more than once a day and work out.. its that simple..your doing the easy thing and it will constantly be an up and down with your weight .. its cycle.. do a lil research please

  13. Don't forget to also take vitamins as well, and I do recommend personally eating a few things that are low calorie but give you energy. Personally I have always stayed away from the scale, because it can be very depressing.