Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Five

Day five! Half way there. It feels like the days are going by very quickly. It's good to be busy during a fast. Yesterday went fine. I did taste a couple of things we made because I'm planning to make something for my boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to know if they were any good. It was only two bites and I spit them both out.

Today my tongue has started getting the weird white coating on it from fasting. It's my least favorite side effect of a fast because I get really self conscious about kissing, but I was kind of happy to see it this morning. It's a sign of what I'm doing. A sign of the control.

I'm going to see my boyfriend tonight. It's been like three weeks since I've seen him. I'm very needy, so that's a very long time for me. But I have to show up at his house a bit late to avoid having to eat, and I'll have to leave early tomorrow for the same reason. I have to keep reminding myself that it's so worth it. Part of my birthday present to him will be a skinnier me. He'd never admit it, but I know he'll like that.

Something strange happened to Internet Explorer on this computer. I was making comments on y'all's blogs and they weren't showing up. And I made a long post that also didn't show up. I downloaded Firefox and I'm back in business, but I can't get the history to clear out of Explorer and I'm a little paranoid about my roommate or someone stumbling across this blog.

So today will be my catchup day on reading and commenting. Thanks to everyone who's been commenting on my blog and encouraging me. It means a lot and it's such a huge help. Holly is definitely right that we are stronger together. Also, Holly, I would love for you to get in on the fasting action with Jenna and me!

To answer your question about daily multivitamins - Most of the research I've done, which is quite a lot, on fasting has said that any medication or vitamins shouldn't be taken during a fast. Most sources all seem to say that a ten day water fast is really all that is healthy and some even say that water fasting at all isn't healthy. If we're only talking about a water fast, you aren't going to become nutrient deprived in ten days.

When we move into juice fasts however, thirty days is the standard. But there are plenty of people who advocate longer juice fasts. People do juice fasts all the way up to 100 days and beyond. That's a long time. And it seems like you could certainly suffer from that many days without proper nutrients. Most of these fasting sources say that fresh juice made from a juicer and consumed right away is the only way to go. Fresh juice does have a ton more nutrients than bottled juice, but I don't have a juicer and certainly can't afford to dish out the money for one. I do think that if you're drinking a variety of fresh juices you definitely don't need any sort of vitamins.

On my last fast, I didn't take any multivitamins and I was drinking bottled juice (always the no sugar added pure juice stuff that I watered down). It didn't seem to have any bad effects on me, but this time I've been taking One-A-Day Weightsmart. I love that pill. When this fast is over, I will compare to my first one and see which method worked best. I don't think that a multivitamin will ruin a fast either way you go really.

Okay. Off to go blog reading! <3 you all and the amazing Thinspiration you give me!


  1. Eva, I am so impressed at your self control. It is inspiring. So much so that saying congratulations seems an understatement!

    Much love,

    Ella xx

  2. I've read all of your previous posts. I just want to say how completely in awe I am. I think that you are so strong and such an inspiration. If I had your courage and determination...

    I dunno. I think that we're lucky to have you in this little pro-ana community. After all, ana is all about not eating right?

    I'm definately going to keep following and commenting. And I'll try the fast. I'll try. I am so weak compared to you. I don't know if I can do it. But I'll try. I promise I'll try.

    Stay strong hun. And stay skinny. X

  3. Hey Eva! Thanks for the tips! And One-A-Day-Weightsmart is my vitamin of choice too!

  4. Heyy if you want an effective browser that clears its history automatically (and has never given me any trouble posting comments!) try Browzar at It's free, safe, and I've been using it a long time to make sure my parents don't find my pro ana blog community. Enjoy! P.s. great job on your fast!!!