Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 21

Today has been uneventful as was the rest of yesterday. My stomach has been a bit upset, but otherwise it's been an easy fasting day. I'm actually looking forward to class a lot today. Feeling kind of bored, I guess.

Listening to the good advice I've gotten from Lulu and belle svelte, I'm thinking I may end the fast just a couple days early. If I stop on the 8th, that will still be 30 days on water. I can do a couple days on juice, and then a couple days on fruits and veggies. I really don't want to gain back a whole bunch of weight.

So, my boyfriend did my taxes for me this weekend and I owe $700. I'm pretty stressed about this because I don't have any of that money. My boyfriend offered to pay it for me and I'd pay him back. But I hate to be in debt to him. It just seems so weird. If I don't have any other options though, I may have to accept his offer.

Holly, I'm sorry you've had such a struggle. Were you just doing a water fast or a juice fast? It would probably be easier for you to start with juice. I'm not sure it's common for you to feel so weak so early on in the fast. Fasting may not be an option for you. Maybe consider doing a raw fruit and vegetable diet instead. Good luck if you decide to try again. Sometimes difficult things take practice.

Amy-Louise, asked for tips to manage willpower. There is a certain mindset that allows me to fast. I have started a few fasts that were total busts because I didn't have the right mindset. Starting the fast is the hard part, once I get past like the fourth day I'm pretty much set to go. I still get cravings, but nothing that can't be fought.

I think in order to successfully get a fast going, you need to prepare. Do your own research, read testimonies from others who have fasted. Get yourself inspired and totally motivated. I find it easier to fast when I'm busy. It's easy to give up when I'm bored and sitting around with a fridge full of food. And of course, blogging about is also a huge help in keeping myself on track.

I hope that will be helpful for you. I have a few others posts that have fasting info if you're interested.

I hope all of you are having more exciting Mondays than I am. <3!


  1. Sorry about the tax issue. That is a bummer, to say the least! Hopefully you'll figure out an option or release the anxieties about being in the BF's debit.

    Continued "yay!!" on the fasting. I'm water fasting today (and hopefully tomorrow if I can get away with it; being at home makes hiding these things hard) so you are my inspiration and thinspo!!!

  2. Hey Eva, thanks for getting back to me so soon. Yeah I was just on water. Day one was easy but my stomach was growling. Day two it was moaning and I was craving the rush of a binge. Day three (morning) I woke up and was so weak and shaky. I really couldn't think straight. It was crazy. Like I'd been drugged. I'm going to try again. Because I want to prove to myself I can do it. Get past those three first days. Then I'm going to take your advice and juice fast for (hopefully) 30 days. How much weight did you lose /day juice fasting? Wasn't it almost a lb? That's amazing. That's definately motivation. =) Oh stay strong Eva. You're such an inspiration. Keep blogging! haha. Thank you so much for all your support. I'd be crushed right now without you girls.

    lots of love
    Holly xx

  3. Your willpower when you fast is so impressive~
    And I hate that feeling of being in debt too. :( I hope that situation works out okay~

    Stay strong!

  4. Hey,
    Thank you so much for the comments.
    I was wondering if I could participate in with you in your next fast! It would be wonderful to have someone encouraging to help me along the way :)
    Message me on facebook or on here if your interested, name is 'Amy-Louise Murray'
    Thank you :) x