Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hitches in the Plan

Day Twenty!

Day twenty is pretty exciting. Only twelve days until the last day of Water. Twelve days seems like nothing after twenty. I weighed yesterday and I had lost almost six pounds in six days. That's not as much as I wanted, less than last week. I'm wondering if the multivitamin could work against me. This week I'm ditching the vitamin to see how that goes. I'm aiming for twelve more pounds by the end of this, which seems pretty do-able.

I've discovered one hitch in my fasting plan however. I may be spending Easter with my boyfriend's family and I'm sure some ridiculously fattening meal will be involved. I toyed with the idea of quitting a week early to prepare for Easter, but I'm just not willing to give up my fast. There's a chance I may not go anyway. If I do, I may fake an upset stomach so I can get away with just drinking juice. We'll see what happens.

I only have one more weekend besides Easter to spend with my boyfriend, which is a very very good thing. I made a bit of a mistake with him this weekend. I went to his house Friday evening and didn't leave until Saturday evening. I didn't eat a single thing, though he kept offering me food. I shouldn't have stayed that long, but I just didn't want to leave. When I finally did, he told me he was worried about me since I'd been there 24 hours and hadn't eaten at all. If only he knew how many hours it's actually been. Oh well. This weekend I'll just have to go there late and leave early. The fast will be over soon.

Holly, good job on making it two days. The first days of the fast are always the hardest. As far as fasting under 18, I haven't read a lot about this limitation. I have read accounts of people under 18 fasting. My opinion on the matter is that 18 is not a magic number just because the law says this is adulthood. I know I stopped getting taller in the sixth grade. My body has been physically mature for a long time. If I were 16, I wouldn't hesitate to fast, but it's your body and you'll know it best. If you are concerned, make a doctor's appointment and talk about your desire to fast. You can make up some crap about spiritual reasons and the desire to cleanse your body. Whatever. A lot of sources advise doing this no matter how old you are.

I hope this is helpful. I'm sorry I don't have a very solid answer for you.

Thanks to all of you who are reading and commenting. I'm sorry my weekends suck so much for blogging. But I'm off to go blog reading and will be catching up today. <3


  1. Wow, your doing so amazingly well.
    Any tips/advice on how you manage the willpower?
    Keep it up hun (:

  2. Thanks Eva! You're such a help. Seriously you are. You keep me going. Xxx

  3. you are doing awesome, as usual, keep it up!

    and i konw how addictive it is to be fasting just a bit longer but i say you should defintiely finish your fast a few days earlier than planned, otherwise its all gonna go back on from the shock. (says she steadily undoing all her own hard work...!)

  4. hmmmm I think juice fast at Easter with your b/f's fam might send out warning signals...that will interrupt your efforts in the long run. If I were you, I'd eat the healthy stuff and excuse not eating the fatty stuff for fear of having an upset stomach (you're recovering from a bout of strange tummy aches...)

    that way, your b/f will see that you are eating and he has nothing to worry about...or at least temper his fears anyway. this will also serve as a perfect test of not binging after the month long fast that you've'll be in public and if you binge, your b/f will sense something. normalcy is key =)

    anyway...thanks for that post, it was really really nice hearing those words! i am actively reducing my intake...relying on cheap cinnamon tea to get me going through the day. my mom knows I have restricted, I just don't think she realizes by how much =)...I too have to be careful of binging b/c she's already guessed that it's because I am stopping myself from indulging once in awhile.

    hahaha if only she knew. but she won't and that's a good thing =)

    stay strong!!!


  5. Oh Eva I broke the fast. I couldn't do it. I was so weak. When I woke up this morning (day three) I could barely stand up... I thought I was going to fall over. I had to go to school.. and I could barely get down the stairs. It was hell. I want to start over again and I will. I will. I'll be stronger this time. But how can I deal with the total weakness? The shaky lack of energy? Stay strong hun. Xxx