Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey Beautiful Girlies!

Sorry for yet another long absence. I've been horribly sick all week long. I've had plenty of time for blogging since I missed two (yikes!) whole days of class and skipped out on a day of work, but all I've had the energy to do is sleep, wallow, and be all sorts of pathetic. I'm such a baby when I'm sick. This is the sickest I've been in a long time, too. I had like every icky cold symptom out there to the max.

Anyways, I'm feeling tons better today. I would say I was cured except that my voice still sounds all ugly and scratchy. So much for making money.

The good thing that came out of this Uncommon Death Cold is that I think I lost a whole bunch of weight. Even though I lay around and did nothing, I hope my body was working hard and burning lots of calories. It certainly seems like it. I can now slide my jeans off without unbuttoning them. This is quite an accomplishment because even though my jeans have been absurdly baggy for a long time, my giant hips and big butt lose weight waaaaay slower than everything else. Which is totally lame since it's much harder to get excited about weight loss in your fingers.

I may have also finally lost the ridiculous bloatedness from the salt water flush I did last weekend. I finally got up the nerve and just did it. I'm glad I did; I don't want to be a chicken. However, I will never ever ever do that again. Salt water is totally gross. Ew ew ew. Plus I think I gained like ten pounds from it. Seriously. Srsly. All of my fingers were so swollen they looked like they'd all been stung by bees. Pretty horrible. It was definitely effective, but I'm with Savory on this one. I just can't stand to see the scale shoot up like that. Not cool.

Another good thing from the sickness. I tend to lose my appetite when I'm sick and so it helped me to start out my fast. Been fasting since early Monday afternoon (I know I can't really count that first day, but I'm proud of every single hour!). For me, fasting is pretty easy once I get going. But those first few days are horrible. I've totally screwed up a few fasts on day two. Day two sucks the most. But now that I'm on Day Five (and a half!) I'm over the hump and I'm ready to truck along.

I think that I've gotten myself pretty addicted to fasting. I feel so much more together now that I'm starving. That week I was eating was horrible. I was such a mess over every bite of food. This is bad because I know I won't have the freedom to fast at all while I'm at home. I need to get myself on a good restricted food plan. I need to be able to eat sensibly. I need to be able to eat and still shed pounds. It would be so fun to come back after the summer and be even lighter for my boyfriend. It's so different when people don't see you losing the weight gradually.


I'm only doing a ten day water fast, which is the normally reccomended length anyway. Then I'm doing a six day juice fast. Why six days? Who knows! Actually, I just didn't have enough time to do ten. After the juice I'm doing ten days of raw fruits/veggies. After the veggies I'll have like five days to incorporate small amounts of all those other foods into my diet. But I'm still going to be restricting something fierce. I suck at restricting. I always do great for a while, but then some stupid icky awful binge ruins it. I do feel like I have better tools now than I've had in the past. Those tools mostly consist of you awesome ladies!

I think this post is getting long. And probably a little crazy. I'm all energized and happy to not be feeling like crud. Say No to crud.

Mmkay. I gots lots of catching up to do today. I'm excited to see how everyone is doing. And if anyone would like to get on board with any of my plans (water, juice, raw fruits/veggies) as always feel free to hop on, email me, whatever.



  1. Wow this is really inspirational.
    You have a ridiculous amount of self control!
    Stay strong
    xx, Daisy

  2. Glad you are feeling better! How much more weight do you want to lose?