Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day One of The Juice

So this morning when I woke up (about 4:45 am because of this dumb project I had to finish for school) I had my first taste of the amazing pear juice that was waiting for me in the fridge. Those three sips were divine. Sadly, after just a few minutes my stomach was turning and I felt horribly sick. After a couple hours of school work, I felt better, though not great. I made myself a cup of oolong tea (delicious, Kat!) with a dab of honey, it felt great to drink, but still didn't sit too well. I drank half of it.

After I got home from class I filled up a 17 ounce water bottle with about 2/3 water and the rest pear juice. I was amazed how good the diluted juice tasted. I guess after three days and flavor is kind of amazing. I definitely should have done that this morning, pure pear was just way too strong for my deprived stomach. Diluted was just right.

Just a couple of sips of my water down juice has given me so much more energy. I was really starting to drag around yesterday and today I feel refreshed. Plus I didn't even use a whole cup of juice so it's significantly less than 150 calories if I even manage to finish that bottle. Still pretty much full right now.

My first goal is to do a thirty day juice fast. That will take me to 6th of February. When I get there I'll see how I feel. I know I'm starting with lofty goals, but I feel like as soon as I eat anything I will ruin the high and power I'm feeling right now. I want to ride it for as long as I can.

I need to run and get ready to see the boyfriend. Serious primping ahead.

<3<3 Let me know if anyone would like to fast with me. I'd love a buddy.


  1. I would love to fast with you, but I would drop out after few days... i need to regain control over my eating first... :)

  2. I am SO up for fast like that! Ugh but since I still live at home it would be a real challenge with my family. But! I can still join you with the ahead-of-time notification that I will be eating a little here and there to keep them happy. A juice-fast is just what I need to get me down by valentine's day. I'm in, girl! We'll do it together!

    Glad you like the oolong tea! :)

    Lots of love!! Stay strong!!! xoxo