Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Week of Juice Starving Down!

Geeze! When was the last time I posted? Feels like centuries. It's been a pretty busy week. Thank you for all of the encouraging comments last time, it really is such a huge help to me. Knowing that there are just a few girls out there counting on me is the biggest motivation ever. And I have managed to keep my fast, even though it's gotten harder. If I hadn't been so busy, I probably would have ruined it though.

I did a couple of things to help me keep motivated. I printed out a free 2009 calendar and have been marking all the days I've gone without food. So far, the 5th through the 14th. I also put stars on the days I only drank water. It looks so good to see it drawn out like that. And I have the date my fast is done circled. I know I can do it, this was a rough week, but I still made it through.

I also tried on a pair of pants that were horribly tight I had to absolutely force them to zip the last time I wore them months ago. This time they zipped right up, still pretty hip hugging. Progress is progress though. I know my face has gotten thinner and my jeans have been so baggy. It's hard to tell if that's just from them getting stretched out. But I keep thinking that someone should have noticed it.

I can make them notice.

I spent Tuesday night with my boyfriend. We went out and had tea at this really neat tea house. They had so many different teas! It was really fun. Plus we got to go out without food being involved. He's the only part of my life that I'm really worried about in regards to messing up the fast. It's so hard for me to accept spending less time with him. I just have to remember how worth it this will be. He's going to think so too.

I went straight from his house to school so I wasn't able to restock on juice and it's just to expensive to buy it from the campus store. Then I ended up spending the night with at a friend's dorm and and going straight to class in the morning. So yesterday and today have been water only fast. It's kind of nice to do that again. I'll go back to juice tomorrow. I wonder if I will have lost more weight though.

That's all i really have to write about today. I'm so so sleepy. But tomorrow is my day off. I will definitely catch up on everyone's blogs and progress then.

Beautifully thin thoughts to all of you! <3


  1. wooooow i'm unbelievably jealous of your willpower... post more often it's so motivating!!! well done on going for so long, i hope for your sake everyone else notices the changes in you too. Lx

  2. So good to hear from you! Sounds like you've been making really good progress. I found out some info that might help you with your weight loss and then you can keep drinking juice and not pass out while not inhibiting weight loss. At the nutrition store you can buy Chromium Piccolate. Take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. It regulates your blood sugar so you're not hungry. But you need to have juice so it has something to regulate. Apparently it works wonders for weight loss and suppresses the appetite! I've been using it and I'm not hungry at all, ever, anymore. It's weird... before I was craving carbs all the time. Now stuff tastes gross and I only eat when I absolutely have to.

    I'm not really wanting to tell you to not eat, persay, because I don't want you to be sick. You seem like such a nice person. But I do understand the desperation. I think juice fasts are ok though.

    Stay strong, girl. :) xoxo Jena