Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Two of the Fast

I was able to extend my fast another day. But I'm really starting to lose my resolve tonight. My head has been hurting, and my stomach has been feeling nauseous, and I just really want to eat something. I did some research on fasting earlier. http://www.fasting.ws is a cool site that I found that has a lot of great information on fasting, the different types of fasts, and even fasting for weight loss.

I'm thinking that tomorrow I will drink some juice. I'm proud of myself for going this long without a single calorie, but I do not want to restrict myself so much that I ruin it. Stop while I'm ahead. I may try a juice fast, however. Thirty days is supposed to be the best kind, but I'm not going to start out trying to reach that.

One day at a time.

Hopefully I'll be able to find the money for a plane ticket home for spring break in a couple of months. I would love to have lost enough for people to notice. I keep imagining the compliments from my friends and family. I need to use that to keep me motivated. And I imagine how pleased my boyfriend will be. I know he would say that I'm beautiful just the way I am, but I certainly don't buy that. He will be excited when he sees the difference.

I just wish wish wish I had a scale. It's probably something I should invest in, but I'm so poor it's hard for me to justify any spending. I'm going to be on the look out when I go to friends' houses to see if anyone has one. I just know I must have lost weight. I need to see the numbers.

Thanks for the advice about the vitamins, girls! Have any of you tried One-A-Day Weightsmart? It has a ton of good vitamins in it, even calcium and iron, though only 20% daily value of calcium. It also has 10mg of a blend of Green Tea powder and Cayenne Pepper, which I have heard are supposed to boost the metabolism but I really have no idea how much 10mg is. I haven't wanted to take this while I've been fasting because it really upsets my stomach when I take it without food. I love that feature however, when I'm not fasting, because that is a total appetite killer. I like it for that reason alone, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with it. Notice any difference?

I really really appreciate the comments and support! They just make the biggest difference in my day and my motivation. Thank y'all so much!

You keep me strong.


  1. Hey darlin,

    Glad to hear you made it another day! And you're right, it's good to start with small fasts so you don't screw up and binge. That was my problem last year, I tried too much starving all of the sudden. But introducing 1 & 2-day fasts in the beginning will help your body drop pounds and get used to the occasional starving. Just make sure to not eat too much on your eating days. :)

    Whatever keeps you motivated is something to hang on to! Just imagine all the "wow"s and "ooh"s you'll get when you show up skinny back home! :) Check local gyms for scales...and definitely look into buying one. Morning weigh-ins are crucial. Thanks for the compliments & encouragement! You keep me sooo motivated girl! And make sure to come back & post even if you do mess up, we're here to help you get back on track. ;)

    I've never tried the weightsmart pills, but they sound very useful. Just be careful with diet pills in general...I warn about the dangers of them on my blog.

    Lots of Ana Luv,


  2. Yeah, I think multivitamins with stuff like green tea and cayenne pepper.. that sounds awesome, and I'm going to have to see where I can get some of that! I caved and got a scale. I agree that it's a necessity. I've lost a lot of weight and want to continue, but every pound lost is an accomplishment so I look for it whenever I can.

    I agree with dangerous weight loss pills. Been there, done that. Bad idea. Except hoodia... it's a good appetite suppressant, so far I haven't met anyone who's had anything bad to say about it.