Friday, January 9, 2009

Five Days Foodless-Two Days Juiced and Facebook!

Kat is Awesome!

Kat from Quest for Perfection made a Pro-Ana Facebook alias. I'm all for a Facebook community! This blog has really helped me to keep myself on track and you girls are so inspiring! Facebook can bring us even closer. So here is my Ana Facebook page:

My technical skills are severely lacking, so if that doesn't work search for Eva Volando. I'll be making a group for the 30 day juice fast that I started yesterday. I'd love for anyone to get on board with it. It doesn't matter if you have to start late, or have to do just a couple of days. I've really found that fasting feels amazing. If you don't think you are capable of doing it, just give it a try, we'll be here to support you, and you might be surprised how good you feel once you start. I never would have gotten my weight on track if I hadn't done a fast to get my brain in gear and motivated.

Also, I've been doing a Ton of research on fasting and all the amazing benefits to your health: mind and body. I even read a really great article written by an actual M.D. so it's not just a bunch of crazy people who believe in the power of fasting. Once I get the fasting group started I will post as much info about the benefits, struggles, and methods to fasting as I can find. But I also have an idea.

Kat mentioned that she has to eat because of parents, and I totally know how lame they can be, but I thought if she or any other of you lovely gals have this same problem, you could just tell your parents you want to do a juice fast. Sounds crazy, I know, but let me explain. Kat has also mentioned that her parents are happy that she's losing weight and getting healthier. If you explain all the benefits of fasting and show your parents that it's not that just anorexics do, they may be okay with it.

I would really suggest giving this a try, especially if your parents are totally in the dark about your Ana Love. Print some info out for them to read and understand. Tell them you won't be going without calories or nutrients because your drinking juice. You can tell them that you're going to drink a lot more juice than you actually do. And they don't have to know that 3/4 of that glass is water. You may end up with parents who are not only just void of suspicion when you don't eat, but also even support you and help you to avoid food.

It's just a thought, obviously you know your parents better than I do. But I know how frustrating it is not to be able to control your own diet.

Day two of my fast is going great. I drank maybe a third of my bottle of diluted juice and then filled it up to the top with more water this morning. I'm going to try to drink half of it today and the other half tomorrow. I don't think there could even be 100 calories in the whole bottle. I just finished my cup of oolong tea with honey in it. It's 60 calories for a tablespoon, but I probably used half that (though I'm horrible with eyeballing it). No more than 80 callories for the day, I would guess though.

Last night I told my boyfriend I had just eaten when he suggested going out for sushi (even though sushi is maybe my favorite food ever), worked perfectly. He and his roommate had Subway. I was sandwhiched (haha pun!) between them on the couch and the smell was so strong. I think my sense of smell is a lot strong after four days without food because the smell was absolutely sickening. Though before I think it would have smelt delicious to me. I'm glad that the smell of food makes me nauseous not hungry.

Fasting is so perfect!

My boyfriend has a scale hidden under his bathroom sink and after he left for work this morning and I finally dragged myself out of bed, I weighed myself. I was hoping for five pounds. I would have felt good about five. When I saw the number my jaw dropped.

I have lost twenty freaking pounds.

I haven't weighed myself since before Thanksgiving, but still! I'm so excited! I wish I knew how much of that was from the fast and how much was just from less extreme cut backs since Thanksgiving.

Get on Facebook, Gals! <3


  1. OMG!!! 20 POUNDS!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously freakishly amazing! Congratulations!

    Aww thanks hun! I know, I'm already addicted to facebook anyways so why not extend my ana community there? And you're right, pro ana communities are highly discriminated against. Sometimes I forget that, living in my own little world with you all to support me. But yes...most of the world hates anorexia and pro ana groups will be reported if they aren't kept secret. I've made a general pro ana support group that I'll invite you too, and I will definitely join your juice fast group! Even if it's just the two of us to start, we'll grow! I'm sure of it!

    And thanks SOoooOO much for all the info on fasting! I really didn't know most of that! I'm all for a body detox... :D

    Your theory about parents is interesting...and I would definitely be willing to try that except for one big problem. Boo my mother is a snoop and found a book I checked out at the library called "Wasted" about an anorexic. And our printer messed up one day and she found a printed pro ana blog (not mine) on it a few hours AFTER I tried to print it...So she's really suspicious, and me announcing a 30-day fast won't ease her suspicions AT ALL. My dad would probably be for it, but if I slip up then he'll be on my back...and for once, I want to do something my parents AREN'T controlling...since they seem to control every freaking aspect of my life already. Ugh.

    Anyways, thnx for joining facebook! And once again a MAJOR congrats on the 20-pounds!!!!

    Haha, now this is the longest comment ever...xD


  2. Twenty pounds.... Holy crap! That's so great!!!!

  3. my parents would FLIP if I even hinted at the word "fast"- they think if I'm not stuffing my face, I'm anorexic. It's freaking ridiculous.

    Keep it up!