Monday, January 5, 2009

Exhaustion is Killing Me

It's been a very good day for my fast. I haven't eaten anything at all, just drinking water. Actually getting the water down has been the hardest part today. I got about 65 ounces, which really isn't nearly as much as I think I need, since I live in such a dry climate. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Starving is so good!

I feel in charge, empowered, capable of anything. I initially wanted to just fast every other day, but after today I just feel like going again. I did get a little light headed during my last class today; though I am hoping that is more from sleep deprivation than lack of food. I'm going to go to bed early tonight, like as soon as I finish this and hopefully in the morning I will have enough energy to spend another day starving myself beautiful.

I want to be safe about this to avoid worrying anyone. Last week I passed out in front of my boyfriend. Not a good move. He's been all worried about me. I'm going to try to just pay attention to my body and decide if I'll eat or not.

I want to try one of those salt water flushes if I can keep the fast going long enough. The idea of cleansing my body sounds perfect. Has anyone done a very long fast? I'm wondering whether I should be taking a multivitamin while I do it or not.

I'm very excited to have already come across two neat girls to draw support from. Stay strong and keep posting! I will be there for you in any way I can!



  1. you should definitely take a multivitamin!

  2. Yup vitamins are very useful, especially in avoiding looking unhealthy. Fish oil & flaxseed oil pills are also good for keeping you mentally strong and healthy. Good job on the water, but you definitely need to drink more! Try some water flavoring methods or gatorade.

    If you feel like you can make it and fast another day, go ahead! Maybe introduce some extra liquid calories to keep your metabolism going and keep you from fainting. Passing out is definitely not good...keep drinking water; it's your best defense against that sort of thing!

    Stay strong girlie, lots of ana love! xoxo


  3. Yes yes take a vitamin, also calcium and iron too (which often aren't included in a multi). Kat's right, liquid calories will keep you from passing out which is not good.