Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Weeks

I am so so sorry!

I am a horrible blogger. But I'm actually in the midst of a very sudden move. Eek! So my life is topsy turvy right now. I hardly have time for anything. But hopefully once I get settled in, I'll have more time. The big move happens this weekend. Right now I'm focusing on how I'm going to get everything packed by then.

As for my fast, still going. Though last weekend was very difficult. I spent all weekend with at my friend's house and it was so obvious I wasn't eating, they kept pestering. So I had to do some faking. It was really easy to pretend to eat a big hunk of this facaccia bread because no one was paying attention to me. I just wrapped it up in a paper towel and threw it away later. I was forced a half of a chicken sandwhich that wasn't quite so simple. I've never done any fake eating before, so I don't think it was that convincing, but no one commented. I did actually have to put some in my mouth, which was kind of horrible after so long without tasting anything like that. Kind of sickening, actually. But I didn't swallow anything. I even washed my mouth out to make sure that I nothing would make it into my stomach.

Unfortunately I have been feeling so sick this week. Nauseous, light headed, headaches, everything. It's horrible. I know it's worth it, but I don't like feeling this way. Bleh. I get to weigh on Friday! It's been a whole week, so I'm hoping for five pounds. I hope that's not asking too much. We'll see.

Anyway, sorry for the absence, but there's only going to be more of that until next week. But I'm thinking about you girls. I hope everyone is doing well!



  1. Excited for your weigh-in? I'm sure all your hard work will pay off.

  2. wow! girl you are dedicated! I'm looking forward to hearing about your weigh-in. :)

    It's a pain to fake eating around people. Lately I've been learning other tricks, like talking about food a lot and health information and how they've done reno's on my gym and basically keeping my family and friends thinking i'm really health-oriented. Then if I decline or am choosy about something, I can just say it has something to do with a heart healthy thing, or making sure i can get in my full 9 glasses of water without upsetting my stomach, you know, you can actually make them believe all kinds of crap if you really want to! i tried the chewing/spitting thing once and it felt so unconvincing. If I ever got caught... so i don't do that move. Anyway stay healthy and true to your goals!!

  3. Nice job...especially since you've been staying with friends. I totally agree...staying with other people makes it fucking difficult to go about your normal ED routines. Like... you have to work around what they make you, food wise, and that leaves you eating tiny tiny portions of anything cause you have no idea how many calories anything has. So of course people notice! Hope you make it through ok!!!! :)