Thursday, January 22, 2009

Halfway There!

Today is day 15 of the 30 day Juice Fast I've been doing with Kat! Just over two weeks until I am done. I already feel this amazing sense of accomplishment and power. I can't wait to see what the end will bring!

I'm still trying to figure out what my plan will be after I'm done. I'm going home to visit at the end of February and might do another, much much shorter fast right before I leave. I bought a jar of applesauce to eat when I'm finished with this fast. I figured that'd be a good first food for my dormant digestive system. All the stuff I've read about fasting suggests taking it very slow when breaking the fast.

By the way, if anyone is considering a fast and would like some information on it, I've done a lot of research and would love to share it with you. The supposed benefits of a fast are really amazing, besides the dramatic weight loss. So just ask and I'll start posting what I know. Also, Kat and I still have our Ana Facebooks. We've both been slacking a bit in that department with busy lives getting in the way. But it'd still be great to see more girls joining and sharing.

Not much else is going on. This ridiculous school week is finally over. I've had so much work I've hardly had time for anything else. In fact, I haven't worked at all this week. Thankfully I only need to make about fifty bucks to be set for bill paying on the 1st of the month.

I'm going to my boyfriend's tonight. He's been sick this past week and still isn't at full health. So we have to see each other without doing anything inappropriate. We'll see how well that goes.

Keep Starving, Girls! Don't doubt yourselves! <3

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  1. Good job, Eva! And thanks for the comments.

    Can you give me some info about about juice fasts? Like how to do it properly... why drinking calories is better than eating them... etc?