Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Third and Final Day of Water

I am just so so so pleased with myself! I had decided last night that I would have some juice today and break my water fast after two days. But I didn't have time to get any juice until late late this afternoon. And by the time I got home it just seemed extremely silly to break the fast today.

Three whole days. Zero whole calories.

I still have to make it through the night with a big bottle of pure, organic, not-from-concentrate, pressed pear juice sitting in my fridge, but I really feel confident that I can do it. Tomorrow I will start my juice fast. I will take it one day at a time and see how far I can go. I am so desperate to find a scale! But it's been a busy day and tomorrow will be too.

I went to Whole Foods today to get that pear juice. I was so strong! There were samples of the most amazing organic food that just looked so good, but I said no to all of it. I even had a friend with me offering stuff and I didn't take anything. Every time I say no even to something small, I just feel this jolt of empowerment.

Control feels so good!

I really need to stop the water only fast for tomorrow though. I'm going over to my boyfriend's house after class and will definitely need the energy! Mmm! I can really feel the lack of food, but I haven't felt very hungry today, just a little worn out. From what I've been reading about fasting, juice is supposed to really give you a boost of energy after you've been on just water. And a thirty day juice fast is supposed to be just as effective in cleansing the body as a 10 day water fast without as much struggle. So I am going to give it a whirl, but try not to beat myself up if I need to eat food. We'll see how it goes! I feel good about it, just have to avoid people wanting to take me out to eat and what not.

I have to finish some project for school tonight, but I may turn in early and just wake up and finish it before school. I find that sometimes works better for me. I still have to shower and shave my legs too. Busy is good for starving!

Thanks again for all the support, gals. Posting in this blog is already starting to mean so much to me.

<3s for Everyone!


  1. I love juice fasts....and I wish my local area had a Whole Foods.

    It's great that you're doing so well. Keep up the good work!